Highland Log Builders

Highland Logs has made the pages below available for builders, homeowners, architects, and other who are considering a log building. Look below for tips, comparison information and more.

About Highland Logs

Highland Logs Builders worked to buid log houses and attractive wood dwellings for over 20 years. While HLB no longer builds homes, we hope this information will help you find a quality builder.

Sample Log Home Packages

A typical Highland log home contained numerous features and options. Look at this list and compare it to your log home builder.

Cost and Price Estimates for Log Homes

Costs and prices for typical log home construction. Find out how much a log house can cost, without counting sewer, utilities, land or landscaping.

Tips to Save Money on a Log Home

Building a log home can be expensive. These suggestions and tips will help you cut costs and get the best deal on a new home.

Timetable for Building a Log Home

Here is a sample timetable for building a log home, from foundation to finish.

Cost Summary Worksheet for Log Homes

Use this table to calculate the cost of financing a new log home. Also, find links relating to home financing, mortgage financing and more.

Custom Log Homes and Cabins Picture Gallery

many excellent photos of Log home construction, and interior and exterior photos of log homes. These images will help give you an idea of what is involved in the custom log home building process, and what to expect to see throughout the course of your custom log home building project.


The services that Highland Log Builders offered. This is a good example of what a fair and valued log home builder should offer in a log home package.

Until 2004, Highland Log Builders, Inc. provided its customers with the finest Canadian Full Scribe log homes available. "Absolute Quality Throughout." Although Highland Log Builders is no longer seeking clients, we have intended to make this web site educational and user friendly for people considering building a custom log home. Please feel free to take advantage of our many years experience in the log home industry and peruse this site where you will find pictures, worksheets, information on douglas fir and other building materials, and more. We sincerely hope that your dream log home becomes a reality. © HLB